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Protecting Dreamers' Top Priority

We discussed this issue in 2012 and were on the same page then. My suggestion to Beto and the other challengers was ...

Instead of deporting 800,000 x $130,000 (per capita costs per student) in property tax dollars, that we staple a green card to their diplomas ... keep and cultivate the talent pool and get some ROI from those property tax dollars.

If we deport 800,000 how would we recoup the costs of their education? How would we replace the losses to the labor force . We can't make babies and immediately convert them to the laborers contributing to the GDP.

People .. we need to look at this thing not through the lenses of emotional sensitivity, but thru the clear eyes of economic common sense ... for the common good of the country.

I discussed this issue with a FedEx Regional Sales Manager Bob Requa. We agreed that we have a skills deficit in our labor pool. That whatever talent we cultivate... we need to keep.

Old issue ... from 2012 ... old, but not out of date.

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