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Top 7 El Paso Issues, That Matter To You!

My contrast with others. I believe I am the better candidate because these are the issues I have found paramount to the voters and citizens of this Congressional district and I can best articulate and represent. Its difficult to claim to legitimately represent the cross section of this district if you are not talking about ...

1. IMMIGRATION POLICY: Immigration and the refugee crisis and the epidemic of violence in Latin America ... caused by the the United States drug appetite and those cartels who will terrorize and kill to control the human trafficking and narcotics transportation arteries that wind up in the veins of an addicted America. Why are Cubans, Haitians and Mexicans held to different standards for admission?

THE VIOLENCE THAT COMES FROM DRUGS AND HUMAN TRAFFICKING ... 40 or more of the 50 most violent / homicide prone cities in the world are in the countries to our south. This creates a tidal wave of Latino refugees who are fleeing for their lives.

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